Flares Wizard – Lens flares add-on for Blender/Cycles

Flares Wizard

Flares Wizard is an add-on for creating realistic lens flares quickly and easily in Blender/Cycles.

This is the free version of the add-on, if you like it and want to support my work, you can purchase the paid version from the Blender market.

What is the difference between the Free and the Paid version ?

The only difference is the number of presets.

Free 10 presets


Paid 32 presets



  • Real-time preview: Design and see the result in the 3D viewport.
  • Super fast rendering: it needs only 1 sample!
  • Custom presets: 10 presets in the free version, 32 in the paid version.
  • Save, load: you can easily save your creation and reuse it any time, or even share it.
  • Non destructive workflow: once you create a lens flare, you will need the add-on just to edit it, you can even disable the add-on and the lens flare will still work, it’s great for sharing your blends or sending it to a render farm …
  • Animation ready: The add-on generates an advanced rig to control the lens flares.
  • Camera border detection: if the lens flare is no longer visible by the camera you can make it fadeout.
  • Obstacles detection: when the lens flares is obscured by a 3D object it will disappear.
  • Blinking : make the lens flare blink.

Video tutorials





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28 thoughts on “Flares Wizard – Lens flares add-on for Blender/Cycles”

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in this terrific blender-addon and would like to test the free version of it, before purchasing the paid version. But when I try to download the free-version on to my macbookpro, no zip-file apears, wich seems to be necessary to install that addon in blender. I’m not so deep into computers, so maybe I’m doing something basically wrong. But what can I do to make the free-version run on my macbookpro in blender? Thanks for your help, yours Tim

      1. Hello Monaime,
        well I clicked the download-button and received a folder with four .py-files, one Manual-pdf and two folders (elements and presets). No zip-file was found. So I tried to “install from file” in the Blender User Preferences each of the .py files that showed up, but without succes: unfortunately the Flares Wizard – add-on did not show up in the add-on-list in the Blender User Preferences. What am I doing wrong?
        Thanks for your help,

        1. Don’t extract the zip file, just install it as is.
          EDIT: maybe the zip was automatically extracted (i don’t know about the MAC OS). If so, just compress the folder Flares wizard then install the zip file.

          1. Thanks a lot,
            now it works! And it’s really fun! It will take a little while to get to know it deeper, but at first sight it seems to be exactly the things, I was looking for. It should be a part of the regular Blender add-ons that come with the software…
            Fore sure, I will purchase the paid version soon. Thanks for that add-on und good luck with it!

  2. Monaime,
    I purchased the full version, but was having trouble with it, i.e.
    I followed the tutorial, selected the light, added a flare, but did not
    see any flare in the 3D view. (Extracted the zip, copy/pasted in addon folder;
    also tried just installing from the zip, but no luck).
    Then I realized I didn’t have Blender (2.78) set to Auto-Run Python Scripts (per your tutorial)
    (> Preferences > File > Auto-Run Python Scripts).
    Now I see all the beautiful flares. =O
    I will enjoy working with them and animating them.
    Thanks so much for this awesome & complex addon! =)

      1. Monaime,
        I purchased the Flares Wizard addon thinking there were just
        32 presets, and that we could edit them….I would have been
        happy with that.
        But I was happily surprised to discover that we can create & save custom flares
        with the Elements! =O
        So many features. Great addon! =)
        BTW, how do you turn on “Obstacle Detection”?
        Also, it appears we can add a keyframe to any of the settings for the Elements or presets(?)

        1. Hello Cal,

          To use the Obstacles detection you will need to enable “Use obstacles”, then select the objects that you want to use as obstacles in the 3D View, then hit the “+” button under “Use obstacles”, it’s explained with more details in the manual.
          NB: Only Mesh objects are supported.

          True, almost all the numerical inputs are animatable, i usually animate the intensity, scale and the color of the flare to get different effects.

          let me know if you have further questions

          1. re: Obstacles Detection….
            Thanks, that worked fine. 😉
            “it’s explained with more details in the manual.”
            Sorry, I didn’t find a manual….is there a link?

  3. Hi,
    It looks like a great addon…however… I am having issues with the black borders around each element of the lens flare.
    I changed the transparency bounces and it hasn’t helped… Is there anything else I am missing?

      1. I’m having trouble too. When I get this problem, it seems to occur when I enable the flares when I’ve already got a scene made.

  4. Hi,
    great Addon!
    I tried it for a project and I am really happy.
    One thing I do not get to work is to render the lensflare with the option “render/film/transparent” on a separate layer with no background.
    If I check the transparent option the renderlayer remains an empty transparent frame.

    For compositor it would be nice to have it isolated


    1. Hello Marc,

      I think it’s a bug in Blender when adding a Transparent and an Emission shaders.
      There are two work arounds that you could try, the first is to add a black background in the Lens flare render layer, then composite it on top of the other layer(s) using Add or Screen.

      The second is to use this node tree.

  5. Hello. This is an amazing addon, just using the free version. But there’s a problem. Obstacle detection don’t work correctly when camera is parented to a bone and the bone moves the camera. Is there a way to resolve this problem? Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Hello, to get the obstacles feature to work you will need to bake the animation of the Camera if the parent (the bone) is animated.


  6. Hi There. I am very impressed with what you created here. Here is a link to a piece of art I just finished and used your very impressive addon. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?436225-Earth-sunrise-from-space

    Also, I do have a question. Is it possible to connect a driver to control the overall intensity of the flare? I have a light in the scene that has animation on it and I want to link it to that.

    If you have any thoughts on that please let me know. Thanks and awesome job.

  7. Hi,
    Great Addon! Such an improvement for my workspeed.
    in my opinion there could be more randomisation modulators. I.e. in the stargenerator the x and y size, the spacing between the rays or random intensity.
    And something I found out that when I hide and unhide elements with the little eye icon, only one subelement will be hidden. So when I hide one star element, just one ray disappears. (blender 2.78)
    nonetheless, its a great piece of software

    1. Hi,

      In some point during the development of this addon i decided to stop adding options, because there is already a lot, what makes it look complicated. Actually, some people complain about the complexity.

      For your second note. It’s Blender not updating the scene correctly, to solve it just change the current frame, you can use the shortcut (Left Arrow/ Right Arrow).


      1. Please add more options, it is amazing! It may be a bit confusing at first but once you get used to it, it is so helpful and I wish there were more fetures!

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