ANIMAX – WIP #1: The animation system


Some time ago, i have seen the GSG’s plugin Transform for C4D, and i was amazed by its results, and i thought that something similar for Blender would be really cool.

So i started working on it, and things went smoothly at the beginning thanks to my previous experience with Text FX, then some problems started showing up (the math, Python slowness, and all sort of performance and usability problems). I have recoded the system that manages the animation and the execution order at least 7 times.

After 4 months of hard work, i think the animation system is pretty usable but it needs more work to call it stable (mainly error handling).

I named it ANIMAX, because it animates a maximum number of objects with ease, the add-on takes advantage of Blender’s Grouping system to group the objects.

The animation is completely procedural, no need for keyframing (but it’s possible to add keyframes if needed).

ANIMAX offers 12 different effects with as few parameters as possible to avoid unnecessary complexity, and to boost the productivity. In the other hand the Custom mode is some sort of editor for creating custom effects.

Lastly the UI, i tried to make it pretty and self explanatory, for a good user experience.


Because a lot of work is left to be done, so it will not be finished before ~8 weeks from now (my estimation).

What’s next?

Good question! Here is my to do list:

  • Adding error handling (make it smarter).
  • Adding some tools for shattering/splitting the objects, i will not reinvent the wheel, i will just use the existing Blender tools like particles and modifiers…
  • Baking: converting the procedurale animation to keyframes (i can borrow some code from Text FX ).
  • Save/Load custom effects: for sharing and reuse.
  • Copy and paste the parameters of the effects.
  • Improve the performance if possible (I love Python despite its slowness).
  • Custom objects sorting based on the manual selection.
  • Adding more effects.
  • Writing the documentation and filling the Tooltips (the boring part).
Here is a little animation made with ANIMAX

Another one

3 thoughts on “ANIMAX – WIP #1: The animation system”

  1. It looks really good! How are you doing with this project?
    Thanks fot text FX. I use it and love it. Wish you all the best with Animax!

    1. Thanks, the development is going slowly but surely, the add-on is ready for a while now, but i’m more concerned about the quality and performance, because i want it to be very high quality.
      it may take few weeks to be out.

  2. Need a step by step tutorial for blender 2.8 on youtube. Hope that is possible. All a bit bewildering. but effects look good in your video. I cannot get Animax to work on 2.79. Just displays a header but nothing else.
    thnx for your attention.

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