ANIMAX – Procedural animation system


ANIMAX is a procedural animation system for Blender. Useful for animating multiple objects. It allows you to create complex animations that are hard to achieve using Blender’s built in animation tools.


  • 19 different effects to choose from + the custom mode to create your own effects.
  • Ease of use, a simple UI and a straightforward workflow.
  • Tools for splitting/shattering a mesh object into pieces.
  • Convert the procedural animation to keyframes or to shape keys.
  • The animation is procedural, but it’s possible to keyframe a lot of parameters for more complex animations.
  • And much more…

The limitations

ANIMAX isn’t an all in one solution for all your animations scenarios, because it’s designed for some specific animation types, if you want a more complete tool check out  Animation nodes.

  • When using ANIMAX you can animate a limited number of objects (2000 objects, with 3-5 fps in my computer), a stronger computer will not help a lot, do to the nature of Python.
  • The add-on relies on a Python library “Numpy”, which is bundled with the official Blender builds, but not with the daily builds.
  • You can Bake (convert to keyframes) only one group of objects at a time.
  • You can control only the (loc, rot, scale) of the objects.

Change Log

V 1.4.0

  •  Upgrade to Blender 2.80 Beta.
  • Tracking the selection order is now a modal operator.
  • New parameter (Seed) for the Random Direction.
  • Now uses the new Collections system instead of the old Grouping system.

V 1.3.0 – Video demo

  •  Presets system for the Custom mode, you can save, load, and share your custom presets.
  • Convert the procedural animation to a single animated object using Shape Keys. It’s pretty much the same method used in the awesome add-on Animation Joiner.
  • Now it’s possible to animate the different properties without disabling the Interactive mode.

V 1.2.1

  •  bug fix: incorrect baking results when the objects are parented.

V 1.2.0 – Video demo

  •  Object Picker: To quickly pick an object.
  •  The possibility to change the location of the add-on’s Panel (Tool Shelf, Properties).
  • Pushing the objects away (Custom mode, Transformers effect).
  • Local Rotation (Custom mode, Copy animation effect).
  • The possibility to sort a single direction.

V 1.1.0 – Video demo

  •  3 New Effects (Collapse, Rain, Elastic).
  •  9 New easing types.
  •  A new parameter (Offset) for the Spiral effect.

If you are interested on the add-on, or just want to support my work. The add-on is available at the Blender Market.

Get it from the Blender Market

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to say hello… leave it in the comments below.

20 thoughts on “ANIMAX – Procedural animation system”

  1. Hey nice tool, I started to do a similiar tool but Jacques Lucke made me noticed that ANIMAX was exactly what I wanted to make, so I guess I won’t have to spend time on it anymore ^^ Just a quick question, it says that it’s under GPL, is there any way to see the sources without paying ?

  2. Hi, I just bought it and the effects are very awesome! However, I’m a blender newbie here, could you please make a tutorial on how to transform from one object to another object? Also, I couldn’t figure out how to use both “In” and “Out” transition one after another on the same object.

  3. Hi there,

    I like your addon so far, except there is one problem.
    i’m trying to use the Custom or copy animation effects, but when i use rotation on the X or Y, it will globally rotate. I want to rotate the objects on the local axis. Is this an option that is still work in progress or is there a other solution?

    Greetings from Danny

    1. Hi Danny,

      Actually, the local rotation is in my todo list for a while, and you just gave me a reason to work on it. So most of today i was trying to figure it out, because it turned out to be a bit tricky (controlling the local rotation using the delta rotation).
      The good news is: i have a working prototype for the moment (needs some more testing). After that i will put the final touches on the update 1.2, that will be released within a week or so.


      1. Hi Monaime,

        That is great to hear!
        This plugin is perfect for a project im working on, And if you can get this thing to work i am very grateful.
        So i wish you luck, and i am looking forward to update 1.2!


  4. I like it. Looks like it’s got some real potential.

    I’m interested in its multi-line capabilities.

    Here’s an example of what I’m thinking of:

    Kinetic Typography:

    His looks to be some pop on text easily enough done with
    a single interpolation (constant).

    I’m interested in multi-line, multiple interpolation effects.

    For example:

    The first line pops in.

    The second line slides in from the right. (bounce)

    The third line slides in from below. (Possibly one letter at a time)

    Which would be easier: Straight keyframing, An. Nodes, or AniMax?

    Looks like he’s using C4D. But, the effect looks very possible in Blender.

    1. Hi Mike,

      The tutorial posted in your first comment don’t have any kinetic typography, but i think i know what you are talking about.
      For multi-line text with multiple interpolations i think that manual keyframing is more efficient than Animax and AN, It’s doable in both but it requires some extra work, or you could use a combination of traditional keyframing and one of the add-ons.
      As for the video in the second comment, it’s a lot of work for a simple effect IMHO, please take a look at TextFX
      You can do this effect easily using the Copy Animation Effect.
      Thanks for your comments, when i will have some free time i will see if it’s possible to develop something regarding multi-line text.

    1. Hi Steve,

      95% of the code is updated to Blender 2.8, so most of the work is done, and it’s already working quite well.
      Expect an email from the Blender Market within 2 weeks about the release.


  5. Monami, so trying to figure this out for Blender 2.8 Everything works great – the split works, but when I get to Animate tab, I get this error below when I try to SORT the objects. Any ideas?

    Traceback (most recent call last)
    Line 2150, in execute x,y,z,cur, cus.neg_x.neg_y,neg_z,neg_cur,neg_cus,ran,count = sort_objects(collection)
    Line 420, in sort_objects cur_loc = boy.context.scene.curor_location
    AtttributeError: ‘Scene’ object has no attribute ‘cursor_location’

  6. Hi,

    I’ve purchased your app Animax and I have a question.
    Can I sort object for Animax by 1. selecting objects in order or 2. according to a particulair one-axis (x,y, z) location in world space?

  7. Hi,
    i’m new to blender and i was looking for some animations to my game (unity engine) , i’m just curious to know if i can export the animation done with animax to unity before purchasing .


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