Easy HDRI 0.9.0 (Update) – New features

What’s new ?

  1. Recursive file search: the script is able now to look for HDRIs in the sub folders. You can control the level of recursion.recursionrecursion-level
  2. Automatic projection: no need to set the projection (Mirror ball, Equirectangular) manually with this new feature.projection
  3. New World parameters: the new node tree, offers (Sun/Sky strength, Gamma, Saturation, Tint).world_parameters

Download and test it out, and let me know if you encounter any problem.

2 thoughts on “Easy HDRI 0.9.0 (Update) – New features”

  1. Thanks Monaime. Even though i’m using AM i’m still using Free Hdri, simply because of the option which allows me to place it on the Properties panel. The only quirk i’m experiencing is it only sees about a 3rd of my hdri maps (a mixture of exr and hdr, spread out in several sub folders; and the recursive amount doesn’t seem to help them appear. Maybe i have too many). Anyway, thanks again. Oh, i’m enjoying ANIMAX as well. Really nice.

    1. Hi Tim,

      I think you are right about too many images. Basically, the add-on scales down the large HDR images (generating the thumbnails) with the help of the Blender API, this process may take a long time. If you have a lot of images that surpass your RAM capacity they will not show up.
      Don’t take my word for it, this is just my hypothesis.
      I suggest that you put your most used images into folders (interior, exterior …etc).
      Glad that you are enjoying ANIMAX!
      Thanks for your continuous support.

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