Resize your image(s) in the Blender’s Image Editor

Resize then save

This is a little script That will allow you to resize the images inside Blender’s Image editor. What’s cool about it, is that you can process then save multiple images very easily.

It’s useful for:

  • Generating thumbnails from large images.
  • Scaling down images, to be more RAM friendly.
  • Deriving multiple resolutions (2K, 1K, …) from a set a images.

How to use it ?

It’s a Python script, so no need to install it, you will just need to open the file « » in the text editor then press the button Run Script.

A new panel will apear in the Image editor > Properties, named Resize.



Active image/All images : choose whether you want to resize the active image only or all the loaded images.

Width : scale the image to this width, the height is calculated automatically while preserving the same aspect ratio.

Overwrite : if checked, the active image (or all the images) will be replaced by the resized image(s), otherwise, new images will be created, and you have the ability to add a prefix to their names.

Save : if checked, the image(s) will be saved to the chosen output directory.

Cleanup : delete the image(s) if saved.

Resize : press this button to execute the chosen operations.

I think That’s all you need to know if you want to use this script


Are you curious how it was made ?

The image scaling is done using a built in function, but it’s not exposed in the UI.

To test it out, load an image in the Image Editor, then in the Python Console, type in:['My image.png'].scale(200, 100)


Replace ‘My image.png’ by the name of your image (or use the Autocomplete  « Ctrl + Space »).

This Function takes two parameters : the first one is the width (200 in our example), and the second is the height.

To preserve the aspect ratio we can use some simple math to get the formula (presuming That the width is known).

New_height =  New_width * Original_height  /  Original_width

But what if you want to preserve the original image, and create a copy of it with a different resolution ?

In this case we will use another function “copy()”, here is how to use it :

image =['My image'].copy()

Note That we have assigned the result to a variable “image”, that way we can refer to it easily.


The name of the new image is “My image.001”, let’s change it. = "Low_res.jpg"


and to scale it:

image.scale(256, 256)

Now, to save the image we have two options: the image will be saved to its source path, that means replacing the image.

image.save_render(filepath, scene=None): this one will save the image to a specefic path, and you can use a scene render settings.


Example of image.save_render():

import os
image.save_render(os.path.join("D:\\My folder",

Let me know if you have any questions.

6 thoughts on “Resize your image(s) in the Blender’s Image Editor”

  1. Trying this to resize image. I tried it several times and ways. Either I don’t get the resize to come up or I get it up a no active image.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I just tried it in Blender 2.79, and it seems to work as expected.

      Here is how to use it:
      1- open the script in the text editor and run the script.
      2- open your image(s) in the Image editor.
      3- In the properties panel of the image editor, change the parameters to your liking, then hit the button “Resize”.
      4- If the option “Cleanup” is not used, you should find new image(s) in the list of images, or in your hard drive (depending on the parameters).

      Let me know if that was helpful.

  2. I made a few changes to your script.

    1. I wanted to make it so that images with height > max size (non-square textures) were also scaled

    2. Made it so that textures width:
    y = width * y / x
    x = width
    elif y > width:
    x = width * x / y
    y = width
    if y > 0 and y > 0:
    if not overwrite:
    new_img = img.copy() = get_img_name(prefix +
    else: new_img = img
    if new_img:
    new_img.scale(x, y)

  3. Hey man, I tried this following your steps in 2.91 and it returns a Python script failure.
    Is there any chance you will get this to run on a newer Blender build someday? If this worked smoothly I would gladly donate some cash. Image texture size is a big problem in my everyday Blender scenes. Cheers!

    1. Hey, this works only with old vesions of blender.
      What do you want exactly? If it’s not time consuming i can create something for you, for free.

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