Text FX – Text animation tools for Blender

Text FX

Text FX is a set of tools for animating text objects in Blender.

The add-on is designed with the artist in mind, featuring a user friendly UI and an easy (yet powerful) workflow.

You need only to add a text, then apply an effect.


Text FX contain two different types of text:


which is an ordinary text object with the ability to change its content over time using 5 different effects:

Increment: for animating the numbers.

Text FX_Increment

Typewriter: typewriting effect.


Scramble: starts with random texts, then reveals the desired text.


Timer: with this effect you can add a timer, for a clock, a count down …etc


Read lines: this effect is very versatile, basically you choose a text from the Text editor, and the effect will display this text line by line.



The difference between this text and the simple text is that the chars in advanced text are separated, that mean you could animate every char individually with the help of three effects (Wave, Wiggle, Copy animation).

Wave : wave animation.


Wiggle : to move the chars in random locations.


Copy animation : basically all the chars copy the animation from an object with offset, with the ability to add secondary motion like bouncing.


Seems like a simple concept, but it’s very effective for making complex animations.

Sync with audio : you can use an audio file to drive the animation (Advanced text only ).

Baking : you can bake your animation to keyframes (Advanced text only).


  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Open the user preferences, in the Add-ons tab press “Install from File” button, then locate “TextFX.py” then hit enter or double click.
  3. The add-on has now been installed you can find it in the “Animation” category, to enable it check the box to the left of the add-on.
  4. In the 3d view toolshelf a new tab will appear named TextFX and we have a menu for adding a new text with two options simple and advanced.

Video tutorials


Download Text FX 1.0.1

Download Text FX 1.1.0 (Latest version)

NOTE: The user manual is not up to date (yet) with the version 1.1.0


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58 thoughts on “Text FX – Text animation tools for Blender”

  1. thank you so much for this.

    It was the one text randomizer which did what I wanted –

    to transition from random text to specific words.

    Maybe the others do it as well.

    Yours was simple and straightforward.


  2. Text FX is broken in v2.78. It works on a few things, but the rest is crippled. It worked perfect for the version it was created for (2.77). It’s such a nice addon. Better, i think, than the IK-Text on B-Market. I know the dev has a full time job now that takes up his time, but if it’s not too complicated, i would help out to fix it via python (i know a little). Is it just a few characters that need typing in or would it take studying the entire text api code of blender, and python? I had purchased it at one time, before Monaime got the new job opportunity, and need it since i’m a musician and use it for it’s audio sync feature, as well as everything else. Anyway, thanks for addon!!

    1. Hi Tim,
      Maybe you are using the old version 1.0.0, the new version here 1.0.1 works fine for Blender 2.78. Or you could just tell me what parts are not working.
      The script uses both (Python, Blender API), i think the challenge to modify it, is understanding how it works.

      1. Wow, i usually always (until now) make sure my addons are up to date before i bother a dev with a software error question. But it was indeed the 1.o version giving me the problem. Sorry man. Much thanks for the help and addon Monaime!!

  3. Hi Monaime,

    the Copy animation-Feature is fantastic and very easy to use.
    But there are some missing features so that you could use for Motion Design.

    For example the possibility to integrate your own Objects.
    Both, self-built Meshes as well as imported SVG-Splines (Grouped).

    Small improvements in the Text-FX Menu:

    Text (Spline) Resolution
    More Kinetic-Effects (Scale, Extrude etc.)

    Thanks for this wonderful plugin, which can help to establish Blender in Motion Design.

    Many greetings

    1. Hi, I’m waiting for the stable 2.79 to revisit all my addons, just use it with Blender 2.78 for now.

  4. Hi Monaime
    Great great tool!
    For the increment option would be nice to have a padding option. So we would have a counter like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. But with a padding of 3 it would be 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, etc.

    1. Hi,

      For a short sequence say from 1 to 9 you can use the “Before” option which is basically a prefix.
      For a large sequence the only solution is to use the effect “Read lines”, but it will require some work from your part (typing the sequence), unfortunately.

      I will keep your suggestion in mind for the next update.

  5. Hello. Thanks for add-on. Can it work by netrender? We use afanasy to distribute render and add-on dont work by net (command promt may be). Can we do something to make it work by net? Thanks.

  6. Hi, Monaime,
    First off, very nice! TextFX is a much-needed add-on for Blender, if only for the Typewriter effect. Is there a way to change the default speed of Typewriter? That is, at Speed: 1 it’s too slow for a larger block of text. Is there somewhere in the .py file it can be set to something faster?
    In any case, thanks so much for your time and this great add-on!

    1. Hi Grey,

      Sorry for the very late reply.
      I finally found some time to update the add-on, the new workflow in the version 1.1 is much better, and allow for a good control over the speed of the animation.

  7. I’ve downloaded both zip files (1.0.1 and 1.1.0) and tried installing each one. The addon never shows up in the Add-ons tab under User Preferences.

    I’ve tried it putting the file in
    .config/blender/scripts/addons (where my other addons live)
    and in

    I also use the “load from file” method via the Blender User Preferences.

    All of my other addon directories include an __init__.py file, but yours does not. Did that file get left out of the zips?

    I am new to Blender.

  8. Hi,
    You will need to extract the zip file first, then instal the file TextFX.py
    Check the instalation instructions In the description above.
    I recommend installing the version 1.1.0

    1. I have been extracting them first. What the file wanted was to be in the root of the addons directory and not in a subdirectory. As soon as I move the file out of the 1.1.0 directory it showed up.

  9. Really great addon! Thank you!

    How can I remove the black lines in the rendered result which indicate the trajectory of my letters in “Copy animation”?

    I was able to hide the TFX_Controller but I can’t select those lines…

    1. I don’t know what you mean by “the black lines”, if you are talking about the relationship lines then you need to go to the Properties region, in the panel Display disable “Relationship Lines” or enable “Only Render”.

  10. Can anyone tell me how to bake text animation not advanced text i want to bake simple text(Typewriter) Thanks.

    1. I did load it into 2.8 (final release), but unfortunately Blender 2.8 does not seem to load it without error.

  11. Hi,

    I love this plugin – really great effects and pretty simple to use. I couldn’t replicate everything from the demo video, but I got a few effects I wanted working, so that’s great!

    I have one question, however: is there any way of using this with the blender command line? I have a bunch of text animations I need to render, so I have a script that just edits the text objects with one from the array, and pops the animation out. I’d love to use your cool effects, but I can’t see how to get plugins to work from the command line. Any ideas?

    Thanks again for a great plugin. Much appreciated!


  12. hi, reminds me a little of the animated text addon I tried to put together for Blender 2.7x, would you let us add this to Blender 2.82?

  13. Hi, I’m using Blender V 2.8 and I can not find where the addon installed. It’s active in my Addons just can’t locate it in the 3D layout. Sorry if this was already asked or answered if someone could point me to that Q or A that would be great.

  14. Dear Programmer,
    I think there is a bug… and it’s a pity.
    I use Text Fx 1.1.0 with Blender 2.82 and when I try to render a scene after a few frames it crashes.
    I use it with cycles renderer and I tested it with windows or Linux, the same problem shows up.
    Can you give me a clue about a possible solution. Maybe I am doing something wrong…

  15. For me it says “Upgrade to Blender 2.8x” but I’m using 2.82 so… No idea why it isn’t working tried 2.80 as well. Can’t find the addon anywhere in the interface even with after enabling.

  16. Hi I want to tell you that I have the “Upgrade to Blender 2.8x” problem in 2.83 too for your version.

    I downloaded another version from the blender forums that fixed this, but I get the same problem as Joshua. It animates during the viewport, but it doesn’t animate during render.

    I made a simple text, used the read lines options, and used the time control option.
    Not using time control option makes it animate during render, but I want to use time control to control the text.

    Hope this can be fixed soon :\

    1. Same Problem here… if i animate the countdown without the TIME CONTROL in render works .
      (but its go from 0 to 30 )

      I need to control the counter with the Time Control for reverse the time from 30 to 0.
      In viewport all work but in render the number stuck to the number that is visualized in viewport when i fire the render.

  17. Hola una duda el TextFX no me funciona en Blender 2.92. Ya está descontinuado? Saludos cordiales

  18. Add on still doesn’t work and shows an error saying “Upgrade to 2.8 required” despite actually being on 2.92. Don’t know if there’s a workaround which is a shame.

  19. Hi! had issues with textFX, render in cycles crushes when where are exist text object acting with addon, but when it doesn’t crushes, rendered image begin to have some glitches on it. mainly it happens while GPU rendering, CPU rendering works more stable. hope this bug will fixed, I realy like it so!

    1. I just tried out your add-on and unfortunately it doesn’t do the thing I need it to (see feature request link above).

      I’d like to change the contents of the text at specific times, much like your Read Lines feature, however it would only change at particular times.

      For example:
      The text would say
      at frame 1 = “001-002 default pose”
      at frame 2 = “003-050 walk cycle”
      at frame 51 = “turn 45 left”
      at frame 63 = “turn 45 right” , etc, etc…

      I tried your Read Lines and adjusting its keyframes in the graph editor, but it seems it wasn’t meant for this. (The above idea is the whole reason for my feature request on Right-Click Select: https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/Z8g8/ )

      What should I do? Any ideas on how to solve this?

      Thanks for your time.

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